hybrid bantams


                                     CHICKEN GARDEN MINI'S

                   New for  2016 introducing the chicken garden mini's, hybrid bantams

                                         EXLUCIVE TO THE CHICKEN GARDEN



Some of the traditional hybrid hens we all know and love will be bred here at the chicken garden in bantam size. The idea came about a few years ago after quite a few customers asked for smaller layers. So for people who don't have the space for the traditional size hybrids but do not fancy the fluffy feet and broodiness of the lovely pekins and silkies, I have decided to try and breed the perfect garden hen. A hybrid in bantam size that will lay a decent amount of small to medium eggs.

They will not however be able to compete with the standard hybrids in egg numbers of 300 plus per year, these kind of figures can take generations of selective breeding to achieve  but they will have the hybrid vigour that crossing produces and also lay more eggs than each of the parent lines they are bred from. They will also be sexable as day olds which means a number of different pullets can be reared together giving you the choice of seven different hens.

 First year for the hybrid bantams has  been very popular with 300 pullets reared and gone to their new homes ,  the mini marigold and mini rose been the most popular. Looking rorward to breeding them all againe in 2017 . still a few left so dont miss out on these charming little bantams.



1 THE MINI  BLACKTAIL. £15 each ( standard brown eggs)

Golden to dark brown hen with black neck markings wing and tail tips.

available now


2 THE MINI SPECKLDY  £15  ( mid to dark  brown eggs)

cuckoo markings with lovely soft velvet feathers

Available now


3 THE MINI BLACK STAR      ( light brown eggs)

Mainly black hen with gold laced markings to the neck and back

available now


4 THE MINI MAGPIE   (light brown eggs)

Mainly black hen with stiking silver laced markings to the neck  and coler

available now


5 THE MINI MARIGOLD  £15   ( tinted eggs)

Bright buff hen with faint white markings to the neck, tail and wing tips. lovely docile nature.


sold out

6 THE MINI PARTRIDGE  £15  ( light to medium brown eggs )

Golden coloured hen with partridge markings

sold out


7. THE MINI ROSE  £15  ( blue eggs )

Beautiful little lavender hen wearing the characteristic tuft of a blue egg layer. Eggs will be baby blue in colour.

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