rare oussant sheep minature shetland ponies and pygmy goates

Ouessant Sheep
Originating from the island of ouessant just off the coast of brittany rare ouessant sheep are the smallest domestic breed of sheep in the world.  Being a fishing island ment the men were often away at sea so it was the woman who cared for the sheep. Their small size and docile nature made them easier to handle than the larger commercial breeds. The most common colour of ouessants is black but they are also found in white grey and caramel.  Ouessants have a single lamb as such a small ewe could not carry twins, they are ideal for pets and smallholders a like and I for one have forelen in love with these wonderfull little sheep. 
                 Oeussant Ram                           ewes lucy and lyndsay                             
ouusant ram 2      oussant sheep     
Pygmy's as the name states are the smallest domestic goat , originally from africa where they lived amongst the villagers who kept them for milk and meat. Thankfully in britain they are kept mainly by goat enthusiasts and as family pets. And wonderfull endearing pets they are if kept in the right enviroment. Goats need a well fenced paddock as they are exellent escape artists. Grass does not need to be lush infact they seem to prefere a variety of course grasses and hedging as they are more browsers than grazers. A dry shed is a must as they hate the rain and cold, hay and goat mix needs to be fed all year 
                Our new babies shelly and Kerry
        shelly and kerry
These wonderfull very special ponies are loved by everyone. They spend their summer holidays at the chicken garden
and visitors are often greeted with little velvet noses searching pockets for tit bits.   
           not talking now          
                                                                                                   Shetland boys Sunny and Teddy
                  Shettland girls Shakaya and Sophie                 
     shettie girls