Hybrid point of lay pullets


My chicks  are vaccinated  as day olds against MAREKS desiese. They arrive as a mixture of chicks sometimes up to eight different breeds, and are all brooded and reared together. This way all the different breeds bond at an early age and will all get on as adults. After the six week brooding period the chicks  are reared outside in large grass paddocks.  All the pullets are wormed, they are well handled and perched trained, making them friendly birds, ideal for family pets in the garden. 
This method of rearing is far more labour intensive and costly but the end result is well worth it. I pride myself on my rearing methods and giving my chicks a happy healthy start in life.
Hi - lines £12.50 each
Very freindly docile bird that will lay 300 brown eggs in the first,  Feather colour is light brown with a white tail and neck feathers. A slightly lower feed intake and high egg numbers make her a more viable bird for free range egg production. Her lovely nature also makes her an ideal choice for a garden pet too.

lovely new hybrid with a buff speckled plumage, she is a robust outdoor bird who loves to forage, she is a real charachter who even as a chick throws her affections at you with a look at me attitude, she will lay a darker than standerd brown speckled egg  around 260 in the first year, definatley a new chicken garden favourite, love her.

FENTON BLUE: £20.00 each
The fenton blue is a newly developed hybrid based on the cream legbar. It's colouring can range from brown to grey with cream neck feathers, some of them have tufts giving them quite a comical appearance. They have a friendly but shy nature and will  lay 265 eggs in the first year in various shades of blue. Fenton blues are a very active bird so must be allowed to free range.

NEW FENTON ROSE £20.00 each
In sepmtember 2010 my chick supplier gave me a dozen pretty little growers to try saying they were a new blue egg laying hybrid he had been developing. In return I had to rear them on and think of a name that would suit the bird. Their feather colour reminded me of peach roses and keeping the connection with the Fenton Blue I suggested calling them The Fenton Rose.
Her feather colour is creamy white with peachy flecks to the neck and chest, still having the tufty hair do and a calm freindly nature. 95% will lay a deeper colour blue to blue/green or olive egg, the remiander will lay cream or brown egg.

A  traditional hybrid, light Sussex cross rhode island red. It has a golden to dark brown plumage with a black tail and wing tips. It has a friendly nature, being an active forager must be allowed to free range. It will lay 290 brown eggs in the first year with a slightly deeper shell colour than the Hi-lines  

COPPER BLACK £20.00 each
The copper black is a hardy outdoor bird with a rich black plumage some with golden neck feathers. In the first year hens will lay 265 dark brown eggs and will also lay consistently for the second year.

THE SPECKLEDY £15.00 each
The speckledy is a commercial marran based hybrid with an attractive plumage. A robust outdoor bird which lays a mid brown speckled eggs.

A large hybrid with lovely blue/grey plumage ranging from light silvery to dark slate colour blue. She has a friendly nature and will lay around 280 creamy brown eggs in the first year.

BLACK STAR £15.00 each
A very hardy outdoor bird with thick black plumage and golden neck feathers. She has a calm friendly nature being easy to manage makes a good starter bird

SUSSEX STAR £15.00 each
A very attractive bird with a white body and black colour and tail feathers. She has a friendly nature and a good layer of brown shelled eggs.

A very striking bird with rich black plumage and silver lacing to the neck and chest . Lovely placid nature and very hardy loves to free range and forage she will lay around 270 brown eggs per year.

WHITE STAR £15.00 each
The smallest of all the hybrids a pure white hen which layers around 300 pure white eggs in the first year. With her freindly but slightly scatty nature she will add charachter to any flock