about the chicken garden

In 2006 the chicken garden began by simply breeding bantams and advertising surplus stock for sale, I had more enquiries for proper laying hens and so the search for hybrid layer chicks began. This however was not an easy task as most hatcheries were not interested in supplying Twenty five day old chicks and I was advised to buy in pullets instead. Being deprived of the chick brooding stage was not an option for me so continued searching untill I found a breeder who specailised in the coloured hybrids. 
Unfortunatly for him I pestered untill he gave in and agreed to deliver me fifty chicks in five different colours, and he's been stuck with me ever since. I do have considerably more chicks these days but still get refered to as his pick and mix customer. 
I reared the layer chicks just like the bantams brooding them till off heat and letting them out on the
grass at six weeks old, and every batch of chicks thrived.
Today Im as passionate as ever about the way I keep my poultry and have stuck with my principles,  beleiveing  all animals have the right to grow up with grass under their feet, and have freedom, fresh air and sunshine, all my birds are used to children and dogs, and are well adapted to living in a family enviroment.
As well as the hybrids I have many different pure breeds available and continue to add to my collection with anything that takes my fancy. So  from tiny bantams to hybrid layers  I have a wide range of stock available to suit everyone. 
Above all I breed chickens for the love of it and finding them kind responsable homes is the most important thing to me. I welcome newcomers and will freely give all the help and advice on choosing the right birds and looking after them.
Please feel free to contact me any time and I hope you enjoy my website.
All photos on this site are of my own livestock and are taken by myself of the animals in the enviroment where they actually live.